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September 22nd, 2018

Bil Benden

As soon as Bil hits the stage you know that you’re in for one entertaining and fun show. He grabs the audience by the hand and takes them with him, as he tries to figure out just when he stopped being a fun guy and became a dad. Bil realizes that a lot more has changed than just the hairline and the waistline. He lets us in on all the not ready for prime time moments of family life that we’re not going to see on TV any time soon. The show is a no holds barred look at just how fatherhood took this first class, grade A slacker to the “I didn’t work 65 hours this week for you to ask for twenty dollars” guy that he is now. He is no less intense with his outlook on just what 15 years of marriage has taught him about both men and women, and the joys of cohabitation in modern-day America. From childhood to parenthood and all the creamy, fluffy filling in between, the audience experiences all through the eyes, ears, and throat of this gifted storyteller.

Matt O'Nesti

At the age of 15, Matt O’Nesti started his journey as a standup comedian (or sitdown comedian) and now at the age of 21, Matt is a raging alcoholic and a drug addict (just kidding). For the past 6 years, Wheels has been honing his craft with a mix of stories about his life and odd absurdist quips used as a means of conveying the message that life is genuinely hilarious and everything that happens to us can be funny (even the bad stuff like a disabled protest gone wrong). Matt has dabbled in various facets of the entertainment industry with hosting an online radio show/podcast, The Brew Crew, where guests ranged from writers for HBO shows to the head puppeteer on Team America: World Police and is also currently on the path to working as an independent filmmaker. As a comedian, Wheels has had the privilege to work at such comedy clubs as Dangerfield’s and the main room at Hilarities where he opened for T.J Miller. Matt has also opened for Greer Barnes, Nick Vatterott, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley, and host of VH1’s That Metal Show, Don Jamieson.

October 6th, 2018

Mark Riccadonna

Mark Riccadonna grew up an artsy jock outside of Youngstown, Ohio. At age 17 (like a bad independent movie), Mark moved to NYC in search of himself and happiness. He pursued Theatre at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, joining "The Company" after graduation. Soon after, Mark stumbled upon Stand-Up Comedy and found success as a storyteller, performing throughout New York City, and 'on the road'. Mark currently also performs for Armed Forces Entertainment and has entertained U.S. and U.N. Troops worldwide, performing in six continents and across the United States. Outside of comedy, Mark is an accomplished actor and writer. Most recently Mark has a lead role in the feature film "Days of Power" and is writing for Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update, AXS TV Live at Gotham, FOX's Laughs, heard on Sirus or Bob and Tom, and also has a hit Podcast Drinks Jokes and Storytelling.

Liz Blanc

Liz is a comedian based in Cleveland, Ohio. She has performed comedy all over the Midwest and is also an emcee for various comedy shows and events. Liz was was recently a finalist in the Cleveland Comedy Festival contest after placing first in her semifinal round. She has been a guest on "The Dricore Show" on WCSB Cleveland (radio) and a guest on "The Glen and Dean Show" (podcast). Liz loves to take awkward situations and make them just a tiny bit more awkward. She illustrates her experiences involving teaching high school, dating and other horrific moments through a comedic lens. Her relatable, cringe-worthy humor will definitely make you laugh at her, and maybe even with her.

November 3rd, 2018

Jay Boc

Jay is a clean comic that draws out the "funny" from his day-to-day dealings of being married to a hot Latina. His 2 children provide daily fodder that most parents can relate to. Jay is a former stuntman, repo agent, banker, appraiser, and plumber allowing him to relate to almost any audience. He has lived in CA, DE, WI, GA, and OH. He connects with the everyman through his funny observations we can all relate to.

Jason Moliterno

Jason Moliterno began performing comedy in 2012. He drives around northeastern Ohio, pleasing audiences with his strange observations, which he tries to pack with smart wit and a little absurdity. Then he leaves, finds a Sheetz, and buys a giant block of cheese. He has a dog, but the dog lives with his parents, so is it really his dog? He needs a dog.

December 1st, 2018

Bill Boronkay

Once one of the country's fastest rising sportscasters, Bill Boronkay enjoyed stops in Clarksburg, WV, Evansville, IN and Kansas City before finally landing in sunny Cleveland, OH where he was assigned various hazardous duties. Along the way, Boronkay won 5 Emmy’s, one of which is proudly displayed in his mother's home office behind a lamp. After a failed audition with ESPN (a mirror was involved), Bill reevaluated his career and took off in lukewarm pursuit of his true 14th dream and stand up. Bill's been seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, SportsTime Ohio, Time Warner Cable and heard on ESPN Radio, Bob & Tom and various radio stations across the country along with the comedy website Funny or Die. In 2015, Bill moved to New York to where he can often be found taking the right train in the wrong direction.

Dominic Leonelli

Dom Leonelli was born an raised in Youngstown Ohio. He performs regularly all around New York City. Whether he’s working out material in a coffee house on a Tuesday night or playing a sold-out show in Times Square on the weekend. The way he connects with his audiences leaves an unforgettable impression. Dom fearlessly opens up making light of his deepest insecurity’s. His silly conversational an yet brutally truthful style makes it feel like your hanging with an old friend.

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